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Academic Salon

During this Summer Program, we have hosted two academic salons——Introduction to the Legal System of Your Country/Region and Research and Practice in International Lawwhich attracted numerous students to participate in, including domestic students and foreign students. Besides, Professor Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, Judge Owada and Judge Crawford have listened closely to the participantspresentation.

In the first academic salon, the participants have showed us diverse and characteristiclegal culture in different countries and regions. Participants from Germany, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Philippine and several other countries made a brief introduction about their countrys or regions constitution, court system, legal education and the relationship between domestic law and international law. Whats more, participants from China made an interesting speech about gambling.

In the second academic salon, participants have shared their opinion about several different aspects of International law. Many participants showed their concern about human rights in international law, especially about the rights of refugee, and a couple of them presented their paper. Take the Bangladeshi participant for example, whose papers topic was Sordid Tale of Rohingya Refugee and the Threatened Principle ofNon-refoulement . Besides, the participant from Turkey shared his view on recent development and challenges of Polar law, and the participants from China made presentations about the International Legal Issue on CyberattackApplication ofInternational Law in ChinaInformation Reporting System of Foreign InvestmentLaw in China, “Persistent Objector in Customary International LawCommercial Arbitration in China, and the Right to Choose Applicable Law in International Arbitration respectively.

The two academic salons are certainly a good forum for students to share and exchange their perspectives about colorful legal culture and International law.

(By Wang Han)