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Judge Crawford

H.E. Judge James Crawford, he was responsible for the ILCs work on the International Criminal Court (1994) and for the second reading of the ILC Articles on State Responsibility (2001). And for 2015 Summer Program, the theme of his series lectures is about International Responsibility: General Framework and Selected Problems. Each day class has an idiographic topic, for example, the topic of lecture 1 is History & General principles, and General Principles of Responsibility is for lecture 2.

    James Crawford AC, SC, FBA has been Whewell Professor of International Law, University of Cambridge since 1992, he is experienced in teaching, and some students reflect that his class is systematically and they can follow him well in the class.

In class, the atmosphere is funny and active. Judge Crawford is nice and easygoing, he sometimes use his humorous to make students laugh. Judge Crawford prefers to communication with students, he hopes that students put their hands up and askquestionsAnd students are active to ask questions, not only in the class, but also at the break time. When the class is over, many students gather around Judge Crawford, ask for signature or taking photos, the Judge is willing to cooperate all.

(By Zhuang Yifei)