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The Closing Ceremony of the 2015 Summer Programme of the Acamemy

On July 31st 2015, the closing ceremony of the 10th Summer Programme of the Academy was held at the Science and Art Center of Xiamen University. The ceremony was moderated by Professor Chia-Jui Cheng, the Secretary-General of the Curatorium of Xiamen Academy of International Law.

This year, Xiamen Academy of International Law celebrated its 10th anniversary with a super-strong lineup. Six world-renowned international law scholars were invited to deliver lectures during the summer programme, including three judges from International Court of Justice which were H. E. Judge Hisashi Owada, H. E. Judge James Crawford, and H. E. Judge Xue Hanqin. The other three scholars were Prof. Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, emeritus professor of international and European law at the European University, Prof. Photini Pazartzis, member of the Human Rights Committee ICCPR, and Prof. Chia-Jui Cheng, professor of international law at Soochow University. It was worth mentioning that the newly established “China - Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) Exchange and Research Programs on International Law” was implemented through the Summer Programme of Xiamen Academy. Twenty-two AALCO legal officials were sponsored by the Chinese government to take the summer programme courses at the Xiamen Academy.

In the Closing Ceremony, Judge Owada delivered a speech. He gave his congratulations on the students' graduation, hoping that the lectures of the professors would provide enlightenment and help the students to be independent thinkers within international law field in the future. Prof. Photini Pazartzis also made remarks. She thought that although the three-week period of the programme was rather short, the contents were quite full. Then Professor Zhu Yansheng, vice dean of the Law School of Xiamen University also gave congratulations on the students' achievements during the past three weeks and thanked all lecturers for their diligence. He noted that the Academy as an academic communication platform provides a chance not only for international law learners to discuss advanced questions, but also for young international law students to exchange their thoughts with the top experts.

Then, representatives of students and volunteers gave remarks. Mr Hassan Soleimani representing all participants of the China-AACLO Programme thanked the Chinese government for its strong support to sponsor them to study international law fundamental theories at the summer programme. He believed that the programme would strengthen the cooperation and communications among the AACLO states and improve their capacity in promoting the development of international law. Afterwards, Zhang Tianshu from China University of Political Science and Law represented Chinese students and gave remarks. She considered the programme to be an academic feast and gave thanks to all professors. Mr Diego German Mejia-Lemos represented foreign students to say something. He specially referred to the professors’ humors in teaching and the vivid class atmosphere, equipping the students with unique academic experiences. At last, Wu Nan as volunteer representative gave remarks. She mentioned that although the voluntary work was tough, it brought a sense of achievement. The recognition given by the teachers and students was the best reward to the volunteers' hard work. In the session of certificate delivery, Judge Owada, Professor Zeng Huaqun, Professor Photini Pazartzis, Professor Zhu Yansheng and Professor Chen Huiping delivered various certificates including the certificate for attendance, the certificate for outstanding student, the certificate for volunteer as well as the certificate for outstanding volunteer.

 Afterwards, Professor Zeng Huaqun, the President of the Academy gave a summary of the programme. He expressed his thanks to all the teachers, students and volunteers for their endeavor for the success of the programme. He believed that the three world-renowned professors and the three judges of the ICJ gave an excellent academic feast to all the students coming across the world. He noted that international hegemony still existed over the world, hence international law learners should appeal to international democracy positively and push forward the development of international legal order further. Lastly, Professor Zeng inspired the audience with a local Minnan song "Try our best and we will win" and pushed the atmosphere of the ceremony to a climax.

       Finally, Professor Chia-Jui Cheng delivered a brief summary speech and wished everybody a pleasant and safe trip back home. Hence, the closing ceremony of the 2015 Summer Programme of Xiamen Academy of International Law came to end successfully.

Written by Ni Xiaolu in Chinese/ Translated into English by Jiang Qin/ Photo by Dai Yingliang